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If you have been bouncing between doctors struggling to find the right mental health treatment, Dr. Damayo’s Brain Well Program might finally be the solution you have been looking for. The Brain Well Program will help you by getting to the root cause of your problem through the use of precision psychiatry. Reduce or eliminate medication that cause side effects and achieve long lasting results.

"The Brain Well Program is perfect for those who simply want to improve their lives." --Dr. Damayo

Getting to the Root Cause

The Brain Well Program is based on the principles of precision psychiatry that puts an emphasis into genetics, hormones, bloodwork, and environmental toxins. Dr. Damayo uses this data to help build your treatment plan.  No two treatment plans are ever alike, instilling the philosophy of precision psychiatry and personalized treatment.

of patients with major depressive disorder end up being treatment resistant to medication.


of patients that are diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder fail to respond to initial treatment.


of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese. 1 out of 3 are obese (36%).

Integrative Treatment Plan Details

What is included in the Brain Well Treatment Plan?
1. 60min Consultation w/ Dr. Damayo
2. Millennium Health Report (Hormone Analysis)
3. Comprehensive Integrative Treatment Plan

For more details please read the FAQ below.


What are the benefits of having a Brain Well Treatment Plan?

4 Steps To Your Brain Well Treatment Plan

1. Labs

Complete genetic testing and bloodwork

2. Schedule

Schedule your consultation after payment

3. Analyse

Dr. Damayo will review your results and create your treatment plan

4. Consultation

Review your treatment plan w/ Dr. Damayo

Watch Dr. Damayo's Brain Well Workshop


A Brain Well Treatment Plan is a comprehensive report and integrative treatment plan by Dr. Damayo based on your genetic testing,  bloodwork, and environmental toxicology results.


You will receive the following items:


1. 60 Minute Consultation
Dr. Damayo will review your results and treatment plan in detail. This is the time to ask question and get the answers you have been looking for. We recommend the consultation be done in our office located in Punta Gorda Florida but we can also do this via telemedicine using zoom.


2. Millennium Health Report
This is an in-depth analysis and report of your hormone levels that was created by Dr. Mark Gordon, who is a leading expert in endocrinology and hormone optimization.


3. Comprehensive Treatment Plan
Dr. Damayo will review your genetic testing results, millennium health report, Brain Well bloodwork panel results, and environmental toxicology results. Based on this information she will then create a comprehensive treatment plan that has precise recommendations for vitamins, supplements, TMS, medication, nutrition, exercise, sleep, therapy, and meditation. There are no 2 treatment plans alike as this is specifically for you and only you.

The Brain Well Treatment Plan are for patients that are looking for real results when all traditional methods of treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI) and weight loss have failed. If you have run the gamut on medication or fad diets then you deserve to give yourself the best chances of success. Dr. Damayo will not stop until you get the results you are looking for.

We do not guarantee results. There are too many factors that play into outcomes. One of the biggest factors is the patients adherence to the treatment plan. The closer you follow the treatment plan the better results you can expect. If you are having difficulties following the treatment plan for any reason please reach out to our program manager so we can help you determine the best options and can make any adjustments necessary.

If you are an existing patient of Paradise, the first step is to complete the genetic testing and the Brain Well blood panel. Once the results are received by Paradise, you must pay the Brain Well Treatment Plan fee and then we will schedule your 60 minute consultation with Dr. Damayo. Most consultations are scheduled 2-4 weeks after payment has been received.


If you are not a patient of Paradise you must complete the new patient application and onboarding forms.

The cost is $1500. Insurance is not accepted. Only methods of payment accepted are cash and credit card. Full payment must be made before your consultation can be scheduled with Dr. Damayo.

Lab fee’s are not included in the treatment plan. You must contact your insurance or the lab directly to determine the cost of any labs tests.

After you complete your 60 minute consultation with Dr. Damayo to review your treatment plan, you will need to purchase the recommended items and request a prescription from your provider for any items requiring a prescription. Information where to purchase each item will be provided in your treatment plan but you can also visit our shop page.

You do not need to be an existing patient of Dr. Damayo to receive a Brain Well Treatment Plan. We work with many patients who have a different psychiatrist. We do recommend having a follow up appointment with Dr. Damayo every 3-4 months, especially if you are doing HRT (hormone replacement therapy).

The Brain Well Treatment Plan is a one time service. The Brain Well Program is a 12 month program that includes multiple follow ups and labs. Many patients that purchase a treatment plan eventually enroll into the program but this is not required.

Dr. Damayo will accept out of state patients. If any items within your treatment plan must be prescribed, you must receive your prescriptions from your local provider. We do not write prescriptions or offer medication management for patients that live outside of Florida.

Dr Mark Gordon

Dr. Mark L. Gordon

Millennium Health, Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Mark Gordon has treated thousands of veterans and civilians through his extensive research in the area of TBI and PTSD.


Paradise is certified in Dr. Mark Gordon’s protocols and we use it in combination with other modalities of treatments to give you the best outcomes. Our goal is to help you reach your greatest potential in life.

We Are Now Accepting New Brain Well Patients

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