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All appointments will be held through telemedicine until June 1, 2021, except for TMS, EMDR, and UDS. All patients are required to wear a mask to enter the office.

Stop Living With Depression Everyday

Treating depression with the individualized care provided at Paradise Behavioral Health will improve your quality of life, so you can live the healthier life that you deserve.

The #1 Rated Depression Treatment Center in Charlotte County


It’s common to feel sad, lonely, or depressed. But when these feelings last for long periods of time, it can affect your ability to handle minor daily tasks, change you as a person, and keep you from leading a happy and meaningful life. There is help for you.


You might be experiencing depression if you have some of the symptoms below:


  • Deep feelings of sadness, irritability, emptiness, or anxious
  • Feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt
  • Appetite or weight changes
  • Changes in sleep
  • Lack of energy
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Difficulty getting through day-to-day activities
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or activities
  • Withdrawal from friends
  • Thoughts of death or suicide


The most common types of depression:

4 Phases Of Successful Treatment

1. Awareness

Recognizing that you might be experiencing depression is the 1st step in treating depression. Schedule an appointment with our office.

2. Diagnosis

During your first appointment, we will perform a thorough evaluation to diagnose you for depression and determine the severity.

3. Treatment

Once properly diagnosed, a custom plan will be created to treat your depression. This may include medication, talk therapy, or integrative treatments.

4. Happiness

Showing up to every appointment and following our recommended treatment plan will increase your chance to overcome your depression.

Margie Gerstmann
Margie Gerstmann
May 13, 2021.
Miguel Diaz is awesome
Deborah Christofferson
Deborah Christofferson
May 7, 2021.
I See Rick and hes been great! I feel real comfortable with telling him personal thing now since I’ve been seeing him now for a few months and getting some things out in the open helps me to heal. He’s a great listener and explains things that make since to me why i’m having problems. He’s a great therapist. Thanks Rick. Deb C.
Michele Harris
Michele Harris
May 6, 2021.
I have been seeing Rick for the last four months after the death of my husband. He is amazing and makes you feel very comfortable in sharing your feelings. Dr DeMayo is amazing and truly cares about her patients. I highly recommend Paradise behavioral Health.
ginamarie lugo
ginamarie lugo
May 3, 2021.
Dr. Damayo is amazing! My original Doc was Carmona who since passed away..which took a toll on me. She stepped in and has been wonderful. SHE gets the 5 stars. HOWEVER, her staff and billing could use some better costumer service skills . They seem to be bothered when you call.
Kathy Swofford
Kathy Swofford
April 22, 2021.
I have been seeing Karen Muncy for a few months now. She is kind, compassionate, and caring. She listens and understands what I am feeling. She has lifted me up. When I made the call to Paradise Behavioral Health, It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I am starting to experience joy again. Thank you Karen for helping me get back to me.❤️❤️ You are the best and I am truly grateful.😊
Rosa M Capiro
Rosa M Capiro
April 15, 2021.
Dr Damayo & her entire staff of TMS Techs, TMS Mgr, Clinical Director, Psycho-Therapists, Nurse Practitioners & Office Coordinators at Paradise Behavioral Health are very caring and friendly. They all go that extra mile to take care of their Clients by exhibiting terrific Teamwork. After my TMS Treatments for Chronic Depression, I continued having sessions with Psycho-Therapist Rick Franks for Stress Management & started seeing Dr Damayo for Emotional Eating & will continue doing so until I reach my goal weight loss under their guidance with both proper diet & exercise.

Top Treatments For Depression


We take a holistic approach that looks at all aspects of the patient’s life. Integrative treatment can include talk therapy, nutritional plans, exercise, mindfulness, and meditation.

Talk Therapy

Also called “psychotherapy”, talk therapy involves speaking 1 on 1 with one of our professionally trained and licensed therapists to find relief from emotional distress and seek solutions to your life’s problems.


We will create a personalized medication plan depending on your type of depression, medication history, and genetic testing results. Medications may include anti-depressants, mood stabilizers, vitamins, and supplements.


TMS is an FDA-cleared, non-drug and safe treatment option for people with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). TMS is covered by most insurances and provides long lasting relief from depression.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Treating your depression depends on a number of factors. The most important part depends on you. Showing up to all your scheduled appointments, being 100% honest with your provider, and following their plans and recommendations. We want you to get well but we need you to do your part.

Absolutely! We offer telemedicine through zoom or facetime (iphone). When you are scheduling your appointments please tell us which platform you prefer to use. We also offer in office visits if you prefer to see your provider face to face.

Right now we are able to schedule new patients within 7 days. Before we schedule you with a provider you must complete all the new patient forms first. After all the forms are properly completed we will schedule your first appointment. Forms can be done electronically or in our office and can be easily completed in 20-30mins.

During the application process we will review your insurance coverage. After verification we will share your copay and any deductibles you may have. If you are a cash or self pay patient your first appointment is $300 and follow-up appointments are $150.

Not a problem, please call our office at (941) 347-8341 to reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a $40 no show fee that must be paid before your next appointment.

Genetic testing assesses your genes to help your provider make smarter, more personalized treatment decisions. Each person is unique and we all respond to medication differently. We want to make sure we find the best treatment options for you. Speak to your provider to learn more about genetic testing.