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Our #1 priority is to provide you with the highest quality care and treatment you deserve.


We believe in providing patients with long lasting healing from their psychiatric symptoms. This is done by performing a comprehensive evaluation using Precision Psychiatry to help identify the root cause of a patient’s problem. We check for vitamin deficiencies, investigate hormonal abnormalities, along with checking for viral infections that can cause long term fatigue. Genetic testing is also utilized to avoid medications that don’t work for the individual.


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Dr. Mizyl Damayo
Medical Director of Paradise Behavioral Health

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Integrative Psychiatric Center

We analyze all aspects of a patient’s life


Integrative Psychiatry


Telemedicine is available for all appointments.

Address the root cause of the problem.

The #1 Rated Depression Treatment Center In Punta Gorda & Charlotte County.


A proven, FDA approved,
non-drug and non-invasive treatment for severe depression.

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Medication Management

Ensuring the best outcomes for you through medication & supplements.

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Share all the challenges in your life with one of our professional providers.

A comprehensive evaluation needed to plan your best care and treatment.

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Genetic Testing

Get precise and personalized medication based on your DNA.

Accountable Medication Assisted Treatment program for opiate use disorder (OUD) and addiction.

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